The Astute Starline VT Nylon/Titanium keeps a road racer comfortable and ready for speed on short, fast races. The U-shaped shell in 15% carbon-fiber with reinforced nylon takes away pressure on the perineum, the highly sensitive area in the pelvis where a cyclist receives the most pressure from body weight. Memory foam that layers the seat has varying densities so a cyclist has the most amount of protection needed for a race or high intensity training rides. The washable microfiber on the seat surface is soft and it also relieves seat pressure. A central cutout removes pressure in the pelvic are and the tension redistributes body weight for ultimate comfort. The titanium rail is lightweight and withstands the stresses of holding up body weight month after month. The titanium also absorbs road vibration. For less weight try out the Astute Starlite VT Nylon/Carbon made with a carbon rail that is lighter weight but it doesn’t absorb as much road vibration then titanium. For a rider with wider hip bones try the Starline Pilagra with a 10 mm wider seat.

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