The Astute Starlite 1-Prof VT Nylon/Carbon is a saddle for the road racer. In order to keep a rider comfortable on race and high intensity training rides, multiple features have been added. Memory foam adds protection to the sensitive perineal area; the foam is firmer in the back and softer in the front. Pressure on the perineum is also relieved by the U-shaped shell in 15% carbon-fiber with reinforced nylon. A soft microfiber is added on the seat surface. The microfiber eases friction against seat and is easily washable. A central cutout removes pressure in the pelvic are and the tension redistributes body weight for ultimate comfort. The Starlite 1-Prof is made with a carbon rail so it is 30 grams lighter than the Astute Starline VT which is made with a titanium rail that absorbs more road vibration and is therefore more comfortable on those longer rides.


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