Castelli designed the long-sleeved Alpha Wind Jersey FZ to keep in your body heat in weather that is 10 degrees cooler than its predecessor jersey. Castelli’s top designers have put together just the right combination of thermal fabrics so you stay warm while still free to move and do whatever is needed to ride faster and longer. Double layers in the long-sleeve cycling jersey help maintain your body heat and allow air to flow. This breath-ability is what makes a piece of clothing for the athlete. On the back there is even rain protection so you are protected during the wet, cold fall and winter months. Windchill doesn’t get to you in the Alpha Wind Jersey. In the front and sleeves, Windstopper material blocks out the wind where it hits the hardest. Prosecco Stratus fabric absorbs and evaporates sweat quickly so you stay dry even as the effort increases. The fit is perfect. Collar, waist and sleeves stay in place with a complex design that Castelli has perfected after a century of designing cycling clothing for the serious cyclist. The articulated collar keeps the collar area in place no matter how you move on the bike. No wind will seep beneath the garment during the cooler months. The waist stays in place with a raw-edge and silicone text gripper. The advanced patterning consists of a combination of fabrics that create a jersey that stays close to your body. Even the zipper is designed so it doesn’t crinkle as you lean forward on your bike. The Alpha Wind Jersey FZ is for the cooler months. You’ll feel comfortable in weather that ranges from 8° to 15°C (46.4 °-59°F).

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