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Castelli Emergency Rain Jacket

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✔ Deluge Light 2.5-layer waterproof fabric keeps rain off with 10,000 mm water column
✔ Slight amount of stretch for excellent fit in riding position
✔ Folds into half a jersey pocket for emergency situations
✔ Innovative “gutters” drain water away from hands and off back
✔ Waterproof zipper and seam sealing keep all water out
✔ WEIGHT: 175g (Large)
✔ 6°-20°C / 43°-68°F
On overcast days when a storm seems to be approaching but you’re determined and committed to your training ride, stuff the Castelli Emegency Rain Jacket into your back jersey pocket just in case. Completely waterproof, the rain jacket has gutters for water to drain away from hands and off the back. The seamed seals and waterproof zipper add to the features of a rain jacket for heavy rain. The slight stretch turns this rain jacket into a cyclist jacket made to shape your body in the cycling position. In order to make this at a more affordable price, the rain jacket has less breathability than the Gabba Jacket so it’s used for emergencies not as a jacket for the entire ride.