The Castelli Free Aero Race Bib-short KV is one of the best race shorts offered by Castelli. The designers knew the hours a pro has to train so they used their Progetto X² Air seat pad which is the most protective seat pad with a lean design. Castelli engineers studied the sweat and heat a cyclist’s body produces so as to create a very specific design to keep a racer comfortable as he rides at high intensities. Forza fabric was placed on the inner legs to help minimize wear of the chafing against the seat and to create a smooth surface against the legs. The V construction in front creates a more exact fit to perfect the comfort and support the bib shorts offer to a cyclist. The bib straps don’t trap in heat, increasing the comfort all the details of this race bib-short offer to a cyclist. Finally, the demand for aerodynamic bib-shorts was very apparent so the Castelli engineers worked on finding ways to perfect an already perfect race bib-short. For improved aerodynamics, they included the dimpled Vortex fabric on the outer legs. This compressive fabric also helps to support muscles. The bib shorts were sewn together with flatlock stitches that are so unobtrusive that the bib shorts feel almost seamless. To increase how much a motorist sees the cyclist in these bib-shorts, reflective detailing was put on the back. The Castelli Free Aero Race Bib-short KV is a top-level race short whether you are in the Tour de France or looking to improve your time in a century.


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