The snug fit in a one-piece aerodynamic tri suit, makes the Castelli Free Sanremo Suit Short Sleeve into the ideal suit for all three legs of an ultra-distance triathlon. The flat-lock stitching is comfortable against your skin as well as a smooth surface for water and air to glide over. The Hydrophobic Instadry Speed Fabric does not absorb water while you glide smoothly on the swim while others are battling against the surrounding water. The fabric lies closely against your skin so no water can bubble under the suit. As you make the transition from swim to bike, the water rolls off and you dry quickly so you are ready to lay it out on the bike. When you extend your arms over the time trial bars, the Castelli Tri Suit gives you the advantage of total aerodynamics as you slip through the wind with no extra material slowing you down. Velocity fabric on the back manages moisture as it absorbs and evaporates sweat. You stay dry; you stay comfortable; and you feel great so you can achieve the results of all the hours you have dedicated to becoming a top-notch female athlete. The GIRO3 arm and leg elastic maintains contact with your body without uncomfortably pinching your skin.


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