For the demands of racing through a swim, on a bike and run, a female triathlete must have clothing that she can rely on. A woman triathlete’s clothing not only affects her comfort level, but it can affect where she finishes at the end of the event. The Castelli Free Tri ITU Women’s Suit is a one-piece suit with a zip back that is the fastest and most comfortable option in the water. Soft-finish armholes and close fitting fabrics do not chafe or irritate the skin. Instadry Speed fabric on short compresses like a second skin and it barely absorbs water so the triathlete doesn’t get weighed down. Nor does the KISS Tri seat pad absorb much water, but it protects to the maximum in the TT position while disappearing on the run. The Giro Air leg gripper elastic keeps the shorts comfortably in place. On the front top, the SpeedFreak ventilated race fabric is ideal for a tri suit. Aerodynamics and comfort on the bike are maximized with just the right amount of stretchy material while the micro mesh allows air flow. On the back that receives the most air flow along with the shoulders, Velocity mesh fabric keeps the athlete dry while allowing perfect flow over for air. Aerodynamic features are also designed into the aero back jersey pockets that store enough food but don’t create a break in smooth air flow. Two pockets have even been added to the hip area of the shorts for extra food storage.

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