The Castelli Free ITU Suit provides a full suit for the highly competitive triathlete who needs to stay comfortable and feel great in the swim, bike and run legs of a triathlon. The suit has been designed to fit the form of the triathlete in both the bike and run. This perfect fit comes after extensive wind-tunnel testing that results in a second skin feel of a suit that compresses and supports the body. Two of Castelli’s most versatile fabrics have been carefully combined through wind-tunnel and on-the-course testing so the suit is aerodynamic, water-shedding and very well ventilated in all three legs of a triathlon. SpeedFreak fabric on the front, Velocity mesh on the back and Instadry Speed fabric on the shorts are a combination of Castelli’s fastest fabrics that made the Free ITU Suit a top choice by top triathletes like Frederik Van Lierde, the 2013 Ironman World Champion. FreeAero 2 hydro- and aero-optimized pockets are details that perfect the aerodynamic features. When in need of extra food energy, two small pockets on the hip are great storage areas for GUs or gels. The short’s portion doesn’t absorb water so the triathlete doesn’t get bogged down in the swim and he dries almost instantaneously as he transitions into the bike leg. The same rule applies to the KISS Tri seat pad—it protects without absorbing water. The padding is multi-layered with a super-soft skin layer that doesn’t chafe. The top adjusts to the shape of the seat so it moves with the triathlete on the bike and in the run. While the padding protects in the time trial position, it practically disappears on the run. The armholes have a soft-finish that keeps the arms in place and it too will not chafe against the skin. The 30cm Camlock zipper is on the back so it doesn’t irritate the front of the body. Even the Giro Air leg gripper is comfortable because it too will do its job of keeping the shorts in place without rubbing the skin.

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