The Garmin-Sharp Sanremo 3.0 Speed Suit is a time-trial suit with full front zipper and three rear pockets. These additions make the speed suit usable in endurance rides on the road where you need to carry food and possibly unzip the front to let in some cool air. In the Garmin-Sharp 3.0 Speed Suit, you will have an aerodynamic advantage in a training or road race. The Garmin-Sharp Sanremo 3.0 Speed Suit is being worn by pro riders throughout the 2014 season because it has top of the line combinations of fabrics and design for perfect aerodynamics and comfort. The Aero Race 5.0 has been combined with the Body Paint lower portion, which are two of the most aerodynamic, breathable and lightweight jerseys and bib shorts. The nearly seamless body paint shorts are exceptionally comfortable and are barely there. Lightweight and breathable with dimples that create an aerodynamic boundary layer, the bottom half is designed for the cyclist who has performance in mind. Castelli claims that the upper half saves 12 watts in the 40 km TT. It is also 50 grams lighters than any traditional cycling jersey. Comfort is also included with the Progetto X2 Air Seat pad with a seamless bacteriostatic fabric that adjusts to your body shape as you shift your weight in your saddle. Air flows through the fabric which maintains its ability to stay dry. The Progetto X2 has the right padding depth where needed. This design ensures you won


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