The Castelli LW Bibtight is for those days when it’s easy to overdress and overheat or underdress and get cold. For moderately cold weather when the training ride is at a working endurance level pace, the lightweight LW Bibtight keeps a rider comfortably warm while allowing sweat and heat to dissipate. The fleecy inside of the Thermoflex traps a layer of warm air next to skin while its high stretch gives an aerodynamic fit. The panels over the lower leg are made in Nano Light fabric to protect from road spray. Fall and winter days can have moist weather and the LW Bib Tight keeps your legs dry on wet roads. Besides the main fabric being breathable, the mesh bib straps are even more porous so they don’t get sticky and wet against your skin. The Progetto X2 Air Seat Pad has been added into the design to make these bib tights great to add up the miles on those winter endurance rides. Castelli’s top-of-the-line seat pad provides maximum protection with a minimal amount of padding. The padding is thickest under the ischial bones that have the highest sensitivity to seat pressure. This padding gradually minimizes so as to provide a smooth seat pad surface to ride on where you’ll have no chafing thanks to a seamless, four-way stretchy, soft layer that adapts to the shape of a body so as not to fold or crease. The skin layer has a bacteriostatic treatment to help the rider avoid infection after being seated on a saddle for hours. Air flows right through the surface to keep the rider dry and comfortable. The Castelli LW Bibtight is great for those long rides in moderately cool weather.

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