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Castelli Polare W Bibtight

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✔ Full GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® X-Fast front for total wind protection
✔ Nano Flex G3 on seat and lower back leg for splash protection from wet roads
✔ Thermoflex back of thigh for extra warmth and stretch
✔ Mesh bibs don’t hold moisture
✔ KISS Air² seat pad gives great cushioning without excessive bulk
✔ High-visibility reflective stripes above knee in front and above calf on back
✔ Ankle zips for easy on/off
✔ -5°-5°C / 23°-41°F
✔ 318 g (S)
Sub-freezing weather, ice on the roads and snow in the air can quash a woman’s motivation to ride her bike. Many cyclists will hang up a bike and put on a few extra pounds, but if you don’t want to call it quits, the key to riding in cold winter months is the right cycling clothing. The Polare 3 Bib-tight is Castelli’s bib-tight that will protect a woman from frigid cold weather when the roads are covered in snow and frost. The full-length wind coverage and warmest fabric protect against wet and sub-freezing weather while helping maintain a healthy body temperature. By preserving a healthy body temperature, a woman keeps performing. Castelli has been designing race clothing for a century. They have learned how to make cycling clothes to protect a female racer who needs to perform. In cold weather, the performance athlete will push her body to the limit and then sweat. In the Polare 3, the full GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® X-Fast on the front is a dense material that blocks wind but allows sweat to evaporate. It’s designed to protect the athlete in undesirable winter weather. The membrane in the fabric has billions of pores that are 900 times larger than water vapor molecules. Even though wind can’t get in, body moisture can get out. On the outside, a Durable Water Repellant treatment is applied so when riding over those wet, wintery roads a woman rider won’t get wet from the annoying road spray. Nano Flex G3 has been added on seat and lower back leg for extra protection when riding over wet roads. For extra warmth, Thermoflex has been added on the back and the mesh bibs are extra breathable to ensure the bibs don’t get wet. Castelli has perfected the seat pad for the racer. The KISS Air² seat pad has great cushioning without having too much bulk so you are protected on those long endurance rides without excessive seat pad. The KISS Air² has a malleable seat pad that adjusts to the anatomy of a cyclist. Seamless on the surface, the seat pad feels amazingly comfortable. Reflective stripes create a more visible surface when the sun is covered by clouds and ankle zips make it easy to get in and out of these Castelli bib-tights that provide a race-fit for the racer who will not stop training when it gets cold.