The incredibly fast Castelli Sanremo 3.2 Speed Suit can be used to your advantage not only in time trials but also in road races. Three rear pockets can be stuffed with all the food you need for long races. The skinsuit construction is easy to put on, easy for nature breaks and easy to open up for hot climbs. The Sanremo made its debut in the 2011 Paris Roubaix when Johan Vansummeren crossed the line in victory. At the time, no one had ever seen anything like it—a skinsuit for road racing! After Vansummeren’s win in the Sanremo, all the other pro teams tried to catch up. Meanwhile, Castelli perfected the Sanremo so it stayed drier as the rider sweats and it became even faster in the windtunnel. When designing the Speedsuit, Castelli combined their fastest jersey (Aero Race 5.1) with their fastest shorts (Free Aero Race) to create a compressive suit that supports the body and is 100% aerodynamic. The shorts portion is made with Forza fabric that has 38 percent Lycra® content to help support your muscles. The Vortex dimpled fabric side panels and the GiroAir leg band help stream air flow to speed up your movement through the air. Seams are flat so the shorts portion feels completely smooth against skin. The Progetto X2 seat pad guarantees comfort on 4+ hour rides. The ventilated skin-care layer keeps you cool and its two-layer design and multi-density padding makes sure you stay comfortable even on those epic rides. The short sleeve jersey part is made with lightweight polyester fabrics that dry nearly instantly, making this comfortable during warm and even cool, wet weather racing. Compression band around the pockets keeps them in place no matter how much food you need to carry on a long race or endurance ride. By combining their fastest jersey and shorts, Castelli created a speed suit that saves even more time without losing all the practical features provided by separate shorts and jersey. The Castelli Body Paint Long Sleeve 3.0 Time Trial Suit is the only piece faster on the Castelli line of apparel.

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