The Castelli Velocissimo IV Bib-Shorts are super comfortable bib-shorts made for all-day rides that may have spurts of super-fast accelerations. Castelli discovered a new anatomical shape where they could remove the stitches away from areas of your body that could be chafed when you are riding those extra-long rides. The leg-ending elastic has been removed so the shorts stay in place without unnecessary pressure. Comfort is also designed in the waistband that has extra stretch to adjust to a rider’s body as he is leaned over the bike in the pedaling position. The Pro Dry 210g fabric is a dual layered fabric that absorbs and then evaporates sweat. The same fabric has an excellent stretch and rebound feature that guarantees a perfect fit no matter the position you hold on your bike. The KISS Air seat pad is the choice of some of the Team Sky riders. These bib-shorts stand up to 200km rides thanks to the seamless skin layer that also has a bacteriostatic treatment that fights away saddle sores and infection. The padding is specifically thick where it needs to be thick and thinner in other areas so a rider has just the right amount of padding in the right areas. Like the rest of the bib-shorts, the padding is also very breathable so you stay dry. The Veloccisimo IV Bib-Shorts are a fast pair of bib-shorts that are very comfortable on long endurance length rides making them a great overall pair of bib-shorts for the rider who likes to mix up long endurance rides with short, fast competitive races.


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