The Castelli Velocissimo Jacket isn’t the jacket Castelli gives to the pros who have 5% body fat or less. Body fat helps to keep in body warmth. The professional’s full Gore® Windstopper® jacket can cause those who have a normal amount of body fat to overheat which is why Castelli made the Veloccissimo Jacket with the Warmer fabric on the back panel that allows for more air to circulate. The air pulls away unwanted body heat and helps to regulate a healthy body temperature. Thermoflex, a fleecy warm fabric that circulates air to keep you dry has been added to the side panels. The Thermoflex is also stretchy so you get that perfect fit as you are stretched out in the bike position. Finding that aerodynamic advantage along with creating a breathable jacket is one of the reasons Castelli added the Gore® Windstopper® X-Fast fabric on the front and sleeves. This fabric blocks wind while allowing the maximum amount of air to circulate so your skin breathes and dries immediately. The flexible fabric adjusts to the changing positions of your body on bike becoming the ideal cycling jacket on days your speed matters. The entire jacket has been carefully designed using Castelli’s years of research to find the perfect fitting cycling top for cold weather. Silicone gripper at waist helps to keep the cycling jacket in place without making you uncomfortable. Every piece of the jacket feels soft against the skin. Extra softness is designed into the flip-up Thermoflex collar that keeps cold wind from getting into the jacket and making you uncomfortable. Three rear external pockets provide plenty of space for food storage and rear reflective strips light up to car lights when the sun is low or behind heavy clouds. The jacket keeps you warm down to 45°F (6°C), but to stay comfortable in freezing weather slip into a Castelli base layers or long sleeve jersey. When you dress right, no weather can stop you from doing what you love year-round.

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