For the cyclist who likes the simplicity of riding without bibs, the Castelli Velocissimo Short provides the comfort and support a rider needs to tackle a hard training ride in the summer and fall months. The 210-gram Affinity fabric in the bib shorts stretches and rebounds immediately so the shorts fit perfectly whether you are sprinting, cruising or time trialing. Another feature Castelli added to the design is the nine panel construction with a curve to follow the shape of the riding body. These Castelli bib shorts maintain their race shape ride after ride. A perfectly fitting pair of cycling shorts are comfortable and aerodynamic. Castelli named these shorts Velocissimo which means very fast in Italian. Staying dry and cool is another necessary quality a rider needs so as to feel 100% ready to ride hard. The Velocissimo’s fabric is breathable so you stay cool and it wicks away sweat so you stay dry. The exceptionally smooth matte finish adds another feature to make these the luxury shorts for the rider who wants to win. Knowing that a great bib short has to fit a wide range of body types, Castelli created the new Doppio waistband with extra stretch. When leaned over and deep in the handlebars, the rider is not restricted with a pair of bib shorts that is too tight around the waist. The fabric around the center of the Velocissimo adjusts to the shape of the mid-section. Fit is further enhanced by the GIRO3 leg band that keeps the shorts in place without pinching the skin. Just as the short is designed to fit the shape of the rider’s body, Castelli’s KISS Air seat pad is designed to fit the shape of the rider’s anatomy as his seat receives the pressure from the saddle. The thickest padding is over the ischial zone, the area of the body that receives the most pressure. The padding then tapers at the perineum area and finally thins out at the perimeter where the rider receives the least pressure from the saddle. The rider is protected against the bumps of the road without having excessive padding getting in the way. Closest to the skin, the splendidly soft brushed microfiber top moves with you. Chafing and abrasion is further eliminated when Castelli removed the seams. They then applied a bacteriostatic treatment so the rider doesn’t get saddle sores nor infection.

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