The Gore Bike Wear Xenon II Sonic Lady Bibtights Short is made for the woman cyclist who likes to spend long hours on her bike. The Xenon Sonic Lady seat insert is anatomically shaped to allow a woman to sit comfortably because it distributes pressure evenly. The special carbonium material developed by E.I.T. (Elastic Interface Technology) provides stretch in all directions, and therefore optimum freedom of movement. Whether you’re pedaling easily on the top of the hoods or you’re stretched down fighting to stay on the wheel in front of you, the 4-panel cut is made of compression fabrics which not only fit you well without limiting freedom of movement but also exert pressure at certain parts of the body where you need increased blood circulation. The increase in blood circulation also increases oxygen supply so your leg muscles can recover faster, which helps improve performance. These bibtight shorts are made for comfort and performance. The mesh inserts at the back allow for optimal ventilation. The flatlock and shifted seams cause less chafing than traditional seams. Gripper elastic on the bottom hem keeps the shorts in place. The abrasion resistant material at inside leg and saddle area keeps the bibtights intact in areas where there is a lot of rubbing. The inseam length is 9.5 inches. The reflective print and logo on thigh and hem make you more visible to motorists.


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