The KASK Infinity Helmet is good for cold or warm days as well as aero enough to be used in a time-trial or to escape from a chasing field of riders. The KASK cycling helmet has vents on the top that can, with one hand, be quickly and easily opened or closed. This is an excellent way to cool down as you heat up climbing to the top of a mountain. Ventilating air flows through the lateral dividers and soft lateral spacers to cool the working body so you can continue to comfortably make the effort of pedaling your bike in warm or hot weather. On cooler days when you want more warmth, these vents can be closed. Another advantage of closing the top of the helmet is the aerodynamic advantages you gain from creating a sleek surface and rounded shape for air to flow over. Even the side of the helmet has ribs that smoothly guide wind to the back so there is absolutely no drag. At the front you can slide the rubberized 'aerator' back and open up three vents by your forehead. Even when these vents are closed there is still good ventilation thanks to a pair of small vents at the front lower edge that feed air into internal channels that bring air across the top of the head. Eight exhaust ports at the back allow hot air to escape relieving the head from unwanted heat. Another quality that makes it good for riding fast in warm weather is the Kask cycling helmet’s internal ventilation system that reduces head to helmet contact. While this cycling helmet is exceptionally aerodynamic and only weights 260 grams, it still does what a helmet should do – protect in case of a crash. An internal strengthening frame that supports the helmet upon impact maintains the Infinity’s reputation as being one of the safest helmets in its category. In the event of a crash, the inner frame prevents the helmet from breaking. Additional qualities that make this a top-level cycling helmet are the rear support leather straps which are quite comfortable. Thick, 5 mm Coolmax padding absorbs sweat quickly to keep your face dry. The top race-quality of the construction of this cycling helmet is why Bradley Wiggins and Chris Fromme of Team SKY raced in Kask’s cycling helmets to win the Tour de France two years in a row.

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