The Lazer Blade MIPS helmet fits every cyclist’s head perfectly thanks to Lazer’s engineers who have pioneered helmet design. The Advanced Rollsys ARS Retention System built into the helmet is operated by a smooth thumb wheel at the top of the helmet, instead of at the back. The system surrounds the head and provides an exact fit with no pressure points on the head. This means the helmet protects and is exceptionally comfortable. The basic design of the Blade MIPS is the same as the Blade helmet. The difference is the addition of the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) that adds an additional safety feature to the helmet. A low friction layer has been added between the shell and the liner of the helmet. In case of crash, the friction layer will rotate and absorb part of the impact. The addition of the MIPS protects against the most common types of impacts and helps to prevent brain injury. Safety is further enhanced by the Rigidity Brace System that reinforces the helmet’s structure after a crash. Comparable to a role cage in a race car, the system keeps all the pieces together so the rigidity of the helmet stays intact. This is not to say a helmet should not be inspected after a crash to ensure its safety features are still in place. The Rigidity Brace System is an extra feature that could extend the life of the Blade MIPS helmet or allow a rider to continue to ride after a crash with helmet protection until he gets to the end of the ride or race. When the intensity of the ride increases and the weather gets warmer, a rider’s head will stay dry and cool thanks to the Lazer specialized padding that absorbs sweat along with the 22 vents where air flows freely. The vents have been wind tunnel tested to ensure they bring in enough cool air but don’t sacrifice the safety features of the helmet. More ground breaking options are available for the Lazer Blade Helmet; an Aeroshell can be clasped on to block out cold wind and rain. An RED light can be added at the back of the helmet to light up a rider on low lit days and there is even a place to put Lazer’s LifeBeam Heart Rate Monitor, the only heart rate monitor used in a helmet. Additionally, install the Mudcap at the back of the helmet to protect the fit system of the helmet. Besides acting as protection for the fitting mechanism, it also acts as an expansion port for the helmet. The Lazer Blade MIPS helmet is an exceptionally safe helmet that is race ready thanks to its aerodynamic design that allows cool air in to keep rider dry and comfortable.

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