When riding in the bike leg of a triathlon your main challenger is the wind. The Lazer Tardiz 2 Time Trial Helmet will help slide you through the air stream. The aerodynamic Tardiz 2 helmet can save 30 to 60 seconds in a time trial. The helmet’s narrow droplike rear and narrow frontal areas provide the most aerodynamic shape. The dimpled rear surface helps trap air pockets to improve airflow around the helmet. The Tardiz 2 is an exceptionally aerodynamic helmet for the time-trialist, triathlete or track rider, yet the qualities don’t just end with just aerodynamics. A triathlete or time-trialist is under extreme physical stress. Body heat increases on increased effort so air and water need to come in to cool down the athlete. Three vents allow air to circulate under the helmet without sacrificing aerodynamics. An Aquavent at the top of the helmet is a ventilation port where water can be poured over the head. An open on the front allows the helmet to be used with normal eyewear for fast transitions required by the triathlete. The fitting of the helmet is made easy and exact thanks to the Turnfit System TS+ where a basket that surrounds the head can be tightened or loosened with a knob at the back of the helmet. The basket provides equal pressure so a triathlete is comfortable and secure will riding 100% in the bike leg of a triathlon.


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