The Lazer Wasp Air Helmet is designed to be fast and is best used in time trials or on the track. The rider can swap the Lazer’s tails to go from short tail to long tail. This allows the rider to adjust the type of aerodynamic helmet to fit the race. For additional ventilation, the visor can be pushed forward. The shape of the Wasp Air has been designed around the rider’s ducked down position on the bike. The curves of the Wasp Air helmet have been created through wind tunnel testing to provide the rider total aerodynamic advantages. Besides aerodynamics, the designers found ways to cut unnecessary weight so the helmet is feather light! Comfort and ventilation are included in this design. The three vents have been tested in a vent tunnel so as to measure the amount of air that is flowing over the head and in which areas. As a result, the designers knew how much ventilation goes through the helmet. Lazer adjusted the vent positions and sizes of the vents so a rider receives enough ventilation but maintains maximum aerodynamics. The fit is perfect. The ATS Retention ¬¬¬fitting system is controlled by the rider who can quickly turn a dial at the back of the helmet to find the perfect snug fit that keeps the helmet comfortably in place. The adjustment is simple and very exact. The time trial helmet has optional space for the Lazer Inclination Sensor that will keep you in your most aerodynamic position so you can maximize on all your aerodynamic advantages. The LifeBeam Heart Rate monitor can also be placed within the helmet. This is the world’s first and only device that can be placed in a cycling helmet to measure a rider’s heart rate with no chest strap. Lazer has ingeniously found ways to give a rider every advantage to slip through the wind while staying comfortable. The Lazer Wasp Air Helmet has made a break through with innovative discoveries to help a cyclist ride comfortably faster.

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