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✔ New Model
✔ Mega lasts are EE to EEE width.
✔ 4mm wider across the ball of the foot.
✔ More volume, a high instep and a wider heel cup.
✔ Microtech Microfiber incorporates features of resistance, stability, lightness, transpirability, water-repellency and eco-friendliness. It is manufactured using the "Water-Tech" water treatment. Lower environmental impact, less noxious emissions into the air and into the work environment and the fact that not solvents, but water-based products were used, is beneficial to the environment as well as the final user.
✔ The SOFT INSTEP 4 CLOSURE SYSTEM is a wide, anatomically curved strap combined with a soft, thermo-formed EVA pad that distributes pressure evenly over the instep area. The SOFT INSTEP CLOSURE SYSTEM is adjustable from both sides, to perfectly center the EVA pad over a high or low instep. The system eliminates the need for the High Instep Extender. The SOFT INSTEP CLOSURE SYSTEM is replaceable.
✔ SIDI's TECHNO-3 SYSTEM dials in fit along the entire length of the shoe, adapting the upper to the shape of the foot for a customized fit. SIDI's famously reliable and replaceable closures are improved by an all-new proprietary SIDI Wire material that is completely non-binding for intuitive and effortless on-the-fly adjustments. Like most SIDI small parts, the TECNO-3 BUCKLE is serviceable and replaceable.
✔ Reinforced heel cup
✔ The MTB RS17 SOLE consists of a Nylon and PU blend. This sole is lighter than the traditional competition sole and has been updated with a more aggressive tread pattern and a replaceable toe tread insert. Accepts 2-bolt SPD style cleats.
The shoe you wear on a mountain bike ride affects how you feel on a trail. Finding the shoe that fits your foot just right, protects against the rocks and branches on a trail, grips through mud and loose soil, and withstands the terrain and weather can be a challenge. SIDI accepted the challenge when they designed the Dominator 10 Mega Mountain Bike Shoe which is made for cyclists with larger feet--4 mm wider across the ball of the foot, has a higher instep and a wider heel cup. The MTB RS17 sole is stiff yet flexes enough so you can hop off your mountain bike and comfortably walk over terrain that is unrideable. The tread grips through mud and lose soil and is compatible with toe spikes for additional traction. When you hop back on the bike and click into the pedals, the mud dispels quickly so you won’t have any interference between pedal and shoe. The upper is constructed with Microtech Microfiber making the shoe great in wet weather and muddy terrain. Water and mud role off the shoes that don’t get torn as they brush against rocks, branches, and bushes. Perforated holes have been added into the design to keep air flowing through the shoe. In warm weather, your feet don’t overheat. For those who are environmentally conscious, the Microfiber is ecofriendly. For optimal performance and comfort, dial the Techno-3 System until you feel just the right amount of tension. The SIDI Wire material acts almost like shoelaces. It creates a nearly custom fit specifically to the shape of your foot. To ensure comfort on those long-distance off-road rides, a curved strap has been combined with a soft pad to distribute pressure evenly. A reinforced heel keeps your foot in a comfortable position. Your feet won’t slip as you hop over logs and rocks on the trail. Every feature in the Dominator 10 Mega Mountain Bike Shoe provides what you need to feel secure on technical off-road trails.