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Sidi DOMINATOR 7 MEGA SR Cycling Shoe

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✔ New RS17 sole is lighter than the previous sole and has been upgraded with a more aggressive tread pattern, a replaceable toe insert and is toe spike compatible
✔ Features an Adjustable Soft Instep Closure System and padded tongue eliminating pressure points.
✔ Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet for easy on-bike adjustment with incremental tightening and loosening.
✔ High Security Velcro won’t shift or slip.
✔ Breathable, supple and durable vented Technomicro microfiber upper with cooling mesh panels.
✔ New “shadow” matte color options available with a streamlined look and less graphics.
Sidi Dominator 7 Mega SR Cycling Shoe dominates the mountain bike world. The comfortable and rugged Dominator 7 mountain bike shoes provide total comfort to the mountain biker who takes on rough trails that require him to leap over obstacles sometimes in the saddle and sometimes with the mountain bike across his shoulder. The new SIDI sole designed to be clipped into mountain bike pedals is made of nylon with polyurethane inserts. The construction provides good grip when you are running through mud which will drop off the bottom of the shoe as soon as you clip back into your pedals. The added central insert works as a non-slip. Additionally, you can also mount crampons to improve traction to toe area which can be easily replaced by screws if worn down. Multiple features ensure a mountain biker is securely clamped into the cycling shoe while also maintaining comfort. The soft instep closure system is a soft, padded, curved strap that distributes pressure evenly. At the upper portion, a central buckle can be quickly opened by lifting both side buckles at the same time. If you are looking to adjust for the right fit, you can push the center button one tooth at a time to tighten or to loosen. The two Velcro straps in the middle and lower portion of the Sidi mountain bike shoes are made with integrated polymer teeth that latch onto themselves and become unmovable when you are pedaling. The upper is constructed with a breathable microfiber that supports your foot by keeping it dry and comfortable. The Mega has a 4 mm extra length across the ball of the foot and is designed for cyclists with wider feet.