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Sidi DRAGON 5 MEGA Cycling Shoe

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✔ All new upper featuring Sidi’s proprietary Techpro eco-friendly synthetic leather
✔ The new tongue is vented for maximum breathability
✔ Utilizes Sidi’s Tecno 3 Push Dial Adjusters for a perfect fit
✔ High Security Velcro for a precision fit across the toe
✔ Sidi MTB SRS Carbon Carbon composite sole with fully replaceable sole tread inserts
✔ All new heel cup provides great heel retention and saves weight over previous versions
✔ New Soft Instep 4 instep closure is sleek and light and combined with the padded tongue 9provides exceptional comfort
✔ Mega is 4mm wider across the ball of the foot, along with a higher instep and wider heel cup.
The SIDI Dragon 5 Mega Cycling Shoes are a pair of well-ventilated mountain bike shoes that have all the features to keep a mountain biker comfortable and securely locked into the pedals. They are designed for the rider with wider feet. The Techpro leather based microfiber and a vented tongue, provide the environmentally conscious cyclist with high performance mountain bike shoes that are lightweight, stable, water-repellent and eco-friendly. Extra ventilation comes through the vented tongue while the microfiber has an anti-mold treatment that keeps away mold and bacteria so your feet stay healthy. The Sidi MTB SRS Carbon Carbon composite sole is stiff yet flexible enough to handle the bouncing your feet experience while riding over bumpy trails. A mountain biker’s goal is to get over all obstacles along the trail. Running over all sorts of hard and soft surfaces wears down soles. SIDI recognized the need a mountain biker may have to replace the sole, so the designers created a mountain bike sole with fully replaceable sole treads. The MTB SRS Carbon Composite Sole consists of four inserts that can be screwed in, are easily removable and replaceable. In addition, an optional toe guard can be installed using the same screws as the insert. The SRS tread panels and screws are available as spare parts. It is toe spike compatible. When you are mountain biking, keeping your foot in best position in your mountain bike shoe makes your off-road ride not only more enjoyable but also faster. The soft instep closure system is a curved strap along with a soft, thermos-formed EVA pad that distributes pressure evenly over the instep area. For the right fit, it can be adjusted from both sides. The upper portion can be adjusted with SIDI’s Techno-3 system that uses SIDI’s Wire material for the right foot pressure. The buckle is easy to turn in small increments, even as you are riding your bicycle. The adjustment system also allows the rider to fine tune the fit. The lower portion of the cycling shoe can be secured using two Velcro® straps made with integrated polymer teeth that latch onto each other and become unmovable when you are pedaling. Adding to the just-the-right fit is the reinforced heel that keeps the foot in the best positon.