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✔ TECNO-3 SYSTEM dials in fit along the entire length of the shoe, adapting the upper to the shape of the foot for a customized fit. SIDI’s famously reliable and replaceable closures are improved by an all-new proprietary SIDI Wire material that is completely non-binding for intuitive and effortless on-the fly adjustments.
✔ SIDI HEEL CUP that stabilizes and supports the heel. Anatomically shaped plastic reduces heel slip and provides increased power transfer. Provides additional foot protection in the event of a crash.
✔ The Carbon Composite 20 is the newest generation of injected carbon composite sole. The injected carbon creates a stiff sole while the nylon acts a barrier to water and temperature change creating a durable stiff sole.
✔ Replaceable heel pad.
✔ Regular "D" width last for precise fit.
Carbon soles are the stiffest and most lightweight sole available for the aspiring racer. The sole for SIDI’s Fast racing shoe is made with Carbon Composite 20 which is the newest and most advanced carbon sole available to the public. The lightweight, stiff sole provides the best medium for power transfer. This means, leg power efficiently goes into each pedal stroke. The SIDI polyurethane heel cup is another feature that channels leg power into the pedal. Anatomically shaped to fit around the heel, the foot stays comfortably inside the shoe as you accelerate out of the saddle. The heal cup is replaceable. While SIDI’s fast shoe is stiff, it is still comfortable enough for long rides in both dry and wet weather. When road spray hits the Fast-racing shoe, the sole will not absorb water and hot weather won’t deform the sole which is durable and long lasting. After high usage, the inserts are replaceable adding life to these top-level racing shoes. SIDI’s Tecno-3 closure system is easily tightened or loosened with a simple turn. SIDI’s improved wiring adjusts the tension evenly across your foot and provides a perfect fit. Like most SIDI small parts, the Techno-3 System is serviceable and replaceable.