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Sidi SHOT 2 Cycling Shoe Gold LTD Edition

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THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION PRODUCTION Only a few pair made in the world of these GOLD Shot 2
THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION PRODUCTION Only a few pair made in the world of these GOLD Shot 2 The SIDI Shot 2 Cycling Shoe is constructed with new features that brag speed. SIDI went to the front of the line of race shoe design when they replaced the traditional toe strap with Tecno-3 dials. Dial two buckles, one click at a time using SIDI’s proprietary Wire; a quick and easy adjustment. An articulating cinch system conforms to multiple foot shapes. You can adjust the shoe, so you won’t feel any area that has too much pressure or is to lose. The easy to adjust system also allows you to tweak the fit as you ride. SIDI used the most recent generation of carbon to design the C-Boots SRS Sole. The designers shaped the metatarsal area to maximize how much power gets transferred from the trained leg into moving the bike forward faster. The construction also supports the foot to maximize comfort without compromising speed. New oval holes, with an extra ± 5 mm of adjustment, greatly expand the possibilities of positioning the cleat. The carbon parts most subject to deterioration are protected by special inserts and are replaceable. The sole is designed for air to circulate to preserve foot comfort. The Reflex Adjustable Heel Retention Device closes the top of the heel to keep the foot from sliding out. Added reflex inserts provide even more security in the Shot 2 Cycling Shoe. You may have a powerful sprint or an exceedingly fast out of the saddle acceleration, but your foot will stay in the shoe. The integrated heel is another feature that supports your foot while keeping it securely in place. Shaped to the anatomical structure of your foot, it’s been made lighter and more durable, so it won’t give way to the stress and pressure of riding long distances daily.