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Sidi Shot Cycling Shoe - Mens

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✔ Double Tecno-3 push System
✔ Adjustable Heel Retention Device
✔ Sidi heel cup
✔ Anti-slip replaceable heel pad
✔ Vent Carbon Sole
✔ Microfibra techpro is a microfiber made in Italy. It is considered a highly technological and innovative, eco-friendly leather suitable for technical and sports products which require high performance levels.
✔ The yellow Photo-luminescent material captures natural or artificial daylight to give it back to the environment in the dark.
✔ The photoluminescence is a source of clean and renewable energy.
✔ For walkability, Sidi cycling shoes include a replaceable polyurethane heel pad.
The Shot is SIDI’s latest and best road race shoe designed for Chris Froome who is expected to conquer the mountain stages in races such as the Tour de France, Giro d’ Italia and Vuelta a Espana. To meet the demands Froome requires from his cycling shoes, SIDI upgraded the previous Wire shoe with features that improve security, comfort, breathability, adjustability and how quickly the shoe can be fitted onto the foot. These shoes are very expedient for a racer who rushes to jump onto his bike or the triathlete who needs to cut down on his transition times to win a race. Of course, SIDI’s previous top level race shoes passed on the traditional SIDI race advantages of a shoe that is lightweight and aerodynamic. SIDI designed a new closure system: the Double Tecno 3 Push System which speeds up how fast you can get in and out of the shoe. A simple design distributes pressure evenly so the foot is secure and comfortable. Two buttons at the top center of the tongue can be on- and off-the-bike closed by lifting and turning to the exact fit you need. You can unfasten them in one move by pushing the release button. These adjustments can be made in seconds. The fit is perfected not just by the closure system but also by the shoe’s construction. The adjustable heel retention devise secures the shoe around the heel of the rider by tightening the top of the heel cup so the rider’s heel doesn’t shift and slip on a climb or in a sprint. Understanding that every cyclist’s anatomy varies, SIDI created a heel system that can be adjusted independently. By turning the screw towards the (+) sign, you can tighten the heel. By turning the screw towards the (–) sign, you can open it. This design not only ensures efficient leg power transfer to the pedals, it also avoids the shoe being deformed by long term pressure from the thousands of pedal strokes. Like all SIDI’s parts, it is lightweight, easy to adjust and replaceable. Reflex inserts have been added to the heel for more visibility on low lit riding and racing days. The Shot is made with the Italian-designed Microfibra Techpro, a durable, water resistant microfiber designed specifically for endurance athletes who must perform in all types of weather. Designed to absorb light during the day, the microfiber then glows at night and brings visibility to the rider. The Hydro and anti-mold treatment in the microfiber fights off mold and , despite the hours of exposure to sweat and debris. For those who are environmentally conscious, the microfiber is Oeko-Tex certified; it does not contain harmful substances and respects law restrictions. Extra weight has been taken off the Vent Carbon Sole making it exceptionally lightweight yet sturdy and stiff enough to allow the efficient transfer of leg power to the pedal stroke. The vent designed into the sole makes the Shot cycling shoe a year-round racing and training shoe; air flows and heat dissipates through the integrated air and vent channels which can be covered for the cooler months so your body heat stays inside the shoe and cold air stays out. For the triathlete, the vent drains water after the transition from swim to bike. Carbon fiber in a weave pattern oriented at opposing angles creates the stiffest sole with just enough controlled flex so your foot doesn’t cramp. The Vent Carbon Sole features a standard 3-hole drilling pattern, printed 10 mm lateral and fore/aft cleat alignment scale as well as the Look Memory Eyelet® for easy cleat alignment and replacement. The SIDI Tiger Mountain Bike Shoe is the mountain bike version of the SIDI Shot Road Shoe.