Nino Schurter won the Elite Men’s Championship in the SIDI Tiger Mountain Bike Shoe, the lightest mountain bike shoe out there. The replaceable cleats and heel pad keep the Tiger shoes in full function for those mountain bikers who take on the muddiest, rockiest trails in cold, wet weather. The rubber toe protects against trees, rocks and other hard objects on a trail. Resistant to water, the Tiger is made with Microfibria techpro, a microfiber that sheds water and is flexible enough to always maintain perfect contact with the foot. No matter how many times a mountain biker keeps his bike upright on super technical courses and still moves forward with high fitness power, the Tiger MTB shoe keeps its form. An anti-mold treatment added to the microfiber ensures it resists degradation from wet weather, mold and bacteria. The Tiger is an upgrade from the SIDI Drako mountain bike shoe. SIDI relocated the Techno-3 Push dial system and reworked the tongue shaping. These changes improve the fit, comfort and durability as well as provided much better crash protection – one of the features a mountain biker must look for in his MTB shoes. The dials have been centered and brought closer to each other making the shoe easier to adjust and easier on the foot in case of a crash. The outside of the shoe is the first to come in contact with the ground and by bringing the dial from the outside to the center, the rider’s foot doesn’t take the hit. The relocation of the dial is better for the mountain biker who inevitably brushes against a rock or tree. Security and fit is further improved with the anti-slip replaceable heel pad that closes the back of the shoe around the mountain biker’s heel. The pad ensures the shoe stays comfortably in place as the feet take as much pounding as does the body when conquering off road trails. Each side of the heel can be adjusted so the mountain biker finds just the right fit. To tighten the heel, turn the screw towards the (+); to loosen the heel, turn the screw to the (-). Visibility has been enhanced by adding reflex inserts to the back of the heel pad. The environmentally conscious mountain biker will be pleased to know the microfiber is Oeko-Tex certified and it does not contain harmful substances and the yellow photoluminescent material captures natural or artificial daylight to give it back to the environment in the dark. The photoluminescence is a source of clean and renewable energy harmless to the environment and humans. In the Tiger’s Mountain Bike SRS Carbon-Ground Sole, SIDI designers found ways to drop 100 grams from the previous Dragon Carbon SRS sole without losing the classic SIDI power or sturdiness. Tread blocks in the toe and heel along with the mountain bike plate prevent foot damage and provide support while they are easily removable and replaceable. Most Dual-Retention Bar type MTB Pedals (such as Crankbrothers and LOOK) recommend using a reinforcement plate between the cleat and the shoe in order to prevent cracking or denting the sole. The MTB Plate can be replaced in case of damage from the pedal system, so adding the weight of an aftermarket reinforcement plate is optional. The MTB SRS Carbon-Ground Sole is toe-spike compatible. The SIDI Shot Shoe is the road version of the Tiger MTB Shoe.


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