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Sidi WIRE 2 CARBON AIR Cycling Shoe

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✔ Lower Tecno 3 Push Dial Adjuster is now centered on the padded tongue to provide a more secure fit and equal tension across the whole foot
✔ Perforated Techpro Microfiber for superior ventilation and riding comfort.
✔ New Soft Instep 4 is sleeker and lighter while still mated to the rebuildable Tecno 3 Push Dial Adjusters
✔ New matte colors and textured Techpro provide a one of a kind look
✔ All new heel cup provides great heel retention and saves weight over previous versions
✔ Adjustable Heel Retention Device eliminates heel lift for optimized pedaling efficiency
✔ Handmade vented carbon sole features replaceable heel pad and toepad/vent cover
✔ Available in Air version with fully perforated upper for exceptional ventilation
Look great and ride fast in the Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Air Cycling Shoe, a top end road race cycling shoe made with Sidi’s handmade vented carbon sole as well as the most advanced adjustment system available in a cycling shoe. Sidi’s non-binding, easy-to-adjust Wire material is threaded throughout the cycling shoe so you can twist the shoe’s dial ratchet by ratchet for the most secure, comfortable fit. The Wire provides even pressure throughout the entire foot. Opening the shoe is easy; simply lift the buckle for a quick release and you can step outside of the shoe. A wide, curved strap with soft padding distributes the pressure from the Wire evenly over the instep which eliminates the need for the High Instep Extender. The Closure System can be adjusted from both sides. At the heel area a retention device secures the top of the heel in place which further secures the fit. For the perfect fit, each side of the heel can be adjusted independently. The Wire 2 Carbon shoe is race ready with its classic stiff Sidi sole. The lightweight, stiff vent carbon sole maximizes the transfer of power from shoe to pedal. Carbon fiber is weaved at opposing angles to maximize stiffness while still allowing the toe area to flex enough for comfort. What makes the sole stand out is the integrated vent and air channels for heat dissipation and airflow. In the summer, the vent can be opened to increase ventilation, but when it’s cold outside, the vents can be closed to maintain body heat. If you are a triathlete, the water drains through the sole so your feet stay dry and comfortable after you come out of the swim. The sole features a standard 3-hole drilling pattern, printed 10 mm lateral and fore/aft cleat alignment scale as well as the Look Memory Eyelet® for easy cleat alignment and replacement. Both the heel pad and toe pad/vent cover are replaceable. The overall shoe is made of the Perforated Techpro Microfiber, a strong, resilient, water-proof leather. The fiber is very well ventilated creating a shoe that keeps your foot dry and cool, the final feature of a top level race shoe for the serious competitive cyclist.