The SIDI Wire Carbon Vent Shoes are lighter and more ventilated than the predecessor style, the Ergo 3. SIDI developed two Tecno 3 precision ratchet closures that independently micro-adjust to perfect the fit across the forefoot and toe. The Adjustable Heel Retention Device secures the foot in the shoe by closing around the heel just above the calcaneus (heel bone). This closure keeps the heel from lifting out of the cycling shoe. By securing the foot, leg power is more efficiently transferred to the pedal so you ride even faster. Lightness is also engineered into the new vent carbon sole which has a new ultra-light heel pad and a new replaceable integrated toe pad/vent cover. Improving ventilation has not been overlooked. The new vent carbon sole now has open/close vents. In cold weather when you need more warmth you can close the vents. In warm weather when you need more ventilation you can open them. SIDI also ensured comfort is engineered into their new Wire Carbon Vent Shoe. The Soft Step Enclosure System

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