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Sidi Wire Vent Cycling Shoe - Black/Yellow Fluo

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✔ NEW Vent Carbon Sole®: Venting can be opened and closed for 4-season comfort. Vent    Carbon Sole® is 38 grams lighter than the Carbon Lite Sole® while maintaining the    same stiffness.  
✔ Redesigned Adjustable Heel Retention Device® Lower cut, wider design and softer,    more compliant material improves ergonomics and reduces weight.  
✔ Patented Techno II Buckle System and Caliper Buckle for easy on-bike fit adjustment
The SIDI Wire Vent Carbon cycling shoe is one step up in cycling shoe excellence. The vent in this SIDI shoe can be opened on hot days. Full ventilation cools down working feet in summer weather so you are completely. On cold days, these vents can be closed so your body heat stays in and your toes don