The Smith Forefront Bike Helmet is extremely versatile because it has so many features that ensure head protection for the road rider or mountain biker under a variety of different riding conditions. At only 285 grams, the feather-light weight does not compromise the helmet’s integrity. The feathery weight also improves aerodynamics. The lighter, the faster. Made with the innovative Smith Koroyd material which is combined with the traditional expanded Polystyrene foam (EPS), the helmet absorbs impact and it allows air to circulate so the head stays cool and ventilated. The combination of the Koroyd and EPS has proven to absorb 30% more impact than the international standard. This is a very safe cycling helmet. MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), available as an option in the Forefront Matte Black model, augments the level of protection. This protective feature adds one more layer to absorb shock and increase safety. Smith is the first to place MIPS into high-end road racing helmets. Integrated Skeletal Structure and Carbon Fiber Reinforcements provide even further protection against injury to the rider’s head The greatest amount of ventilation is provided without sacrificing safety. X-Static with Reactive Cooling Performance Lining circulates air and pulls away body heat. Twenty one vents are forward facing so air flows over the head and aerodynamics is enhanced. The outside vents are generous, but the underlying AEROCORE tubing prevents overwhelming gushes of wind. The visor has two height settings and it does not interfere with the ventilation. The Forefront is amazingly comfortable with enough padding, webbing nylon that is wispy-thin and the VaportFit retention system which perfects the fit. The cyclist has three different fitting options. The cyclist can tighten the entire ring that surrounds the head and adjust the plastic cage that surrounds the back of the neck in three different height options. Comfort is further boosted by the recessed anchors for the straps and multiple anchor positions for the retention system. Smith Optics which is also known for its high-end sport sunglasses. For this reason, there is a resting place for sunglasses in a slot that runs around the back of the shell. At the sides, there is a slot so sunglass arms sit without rubbing against the side of the head. Comfort and safety are maximized in all aspects of the Forefront cycling helmet.

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