Combining a helmet with sunglasses offers a cyclist everything he needs for his head and his eyes. The Suomy Vision helmet is equipped with a smoky mirror chromed visor which can be adjusted using special magnets. The smoky visor is anti-scratch and anti-fog so a cyclist is guaranteed clear vision. Designed to be part of the helmet, the visor is just as aerodynamic as the shape of the helmet which was wind-tunnel tested in order to find the ideal aerodynamic design for the road racer. When a cyclist doesn’t need the visor, he can easily remove it from the helmet. The in-molding technology used to construct the helmet ensures that not only does the helmet fit comfortably, but in case of crash it provides extra protection against road shock. The padding that lines the inside of the helmet is made of anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic fabrics. The padding is also removable and washable. The Suomy Minimum Contact System creates a layer between head and helmet so that air can flow to keep a rider’s head cool and dry. The chin-strap can be removed or changed while it still stays securely closed when snapped shut underneath a cyclist’s chin.

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