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Mountain Biking

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  1. Castelli Pro Mesh Short Sleeve Color
    Castelli Pro Mesh Short Sleeve Color
    $52.49 $69.99
  2. Castelli Pro Mesh Sleeveless Color
    Castelli Pro Mesh Sleeveless Color
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  3. Castelli Pro Mesh W Sleeveless  Color
    Castelli Pro Mesh W Sleeveless Color
    $44.99 $59.99
  4. Castelli Pro Mesh W Sleeveless Colors
    Castelli Pro Mesh W Sleeveless Colors
    $44.99 $59.99
  5. Castelli Seamless Boxer
    Castelli Seamless Boxer
    $22.49 $29.99
  6. Castelli Summer Headband 2018
    Castelli Summer Headband 2018
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  7. Assos T.rallyShorts_s7
    Assos T.rallyShorts_s7
  8. Castelli CX 2.0 Speedsuit
    Castelli CX 2.0 Speedsuit
  9. Lazer Neon Helmets
    Lazer Neon Helmets
  10. Lazer Oasiz Helmets
    Lazer Oasiz Helmets
  11. Lazer Oasiz MIPS Helmets
    Lazer Oasiz MIPS Helmets
  12. Lazer Ultrax+ Helmets
    Lazer Ultrax+ Helmets
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Mountain Biking Mountain bikers ride on dirt trails over rugged terrain, powering up steep off-camber hills, taking jumps (sometimes sideways) and changing the pedal cadence to put out whatever effort is needed to scale an obstacle. Mountain bikers rarely cruise. There is too much path resistance to rest. The mountain biker doesn’t just use leg muscles but must use every muscle in the body to bring a mountain bike down the path and still stay upright. Mountain biking is not for the weak of heart. The mountain biker must take a beating. Crashes are inevitable so the mountain biker has to learn how to take a fall and get back up. Mountain bikers also need the right gear to protect on their off-road journeys. Mountain bike helmets are arguably the most important piece of cycling gear (next to the mountain bike). Tour Cycling offers mountain bike specific helmets that are made with top level fitting systems to keep the helmet perfectly in place so it can absorb the impact in case of crash. The Lazer Helmets have visors to provide a shield from the sun and debris. They also have a hook at the top for the lights used by mountain bikers brave enough to take on the trails in the dark. The Smith helmets have many vents along with a lining that further cools your head. The Smith helmets are great for summer months. Shoes have to be specific to the sport. The shoes need to keep your foot securely in place and still hold up a rider running across terrain with bike on back. The SIDI Mountain Bike shoes are made with secure closure systems that lock your feet into the shoe but are actually easy to adjust while on the trails. The parts are replaceable which extends the life of your mountain bike shoe. The shoes are designed to absorb the shock when you jump off your bike and carry it over an un-rideable area. Tour Cycling offers different styles of clothing for all mountain bikers. The skin tight body suits are for the rider on a fast course. We also offer loser fitting shorts for the rider who likes to move underneath the shorts. For those who have shorts with no chamois pad, Tour Cycling offers chamois shorts for men and women. For the most daring mountain bikers, Tour Cycling offers the Forcefield Body Armor Contact Shorts that have that extra cushioning in the areas of your body that receive the most beating. We also offer the armor in our Forcefield Tops.